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Posted on: October 13, 2009

There are many things I love about Canada, but as it’s now October I should warn you: winter is not one of them. It’s so cold here that going outside feels potentially fatal. Of course, last winter (my first) was particularly bad as the result of certain situations and the 51 day bus strike (which of course was longer, because after that long they had a big maintenance backlog).

At this time of year I start to think fondly of Scotland where, no, it is not that cold (Brits say it’s cold, but after experiencing Canadian cold I can tell you we are not talking the same language of temperature) and you rarely see snow. The one time there was snow, everything ground to a halt and my Smart Car did a good impression of an ice cube.

So it’s a good time for me to be reminded of why I left the UK. The restriction of a newpaper to report (now lifted) and the news that the UK is the worse place to live in Europe. The fact that our Prime Minister did not face a vote within his party and has been in power now for over 2 years without leading his party to a general election (and has another year before he has to call one) is another good one, as is the level of national debt.

So – thanks for having me Canada. Despite the weather, I think it’s a real improvement. Just have to maintain this feeling until next April…

Snow in Edinburgh, 2007

Snow in Edinburgh, 2007

Snow in Ottawa, 2008

Snow in Ottawa, 2008

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