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Seminar Presentation Abstract

Posted on: October 17, 2009

I’m giving a presentation at Carleton for my Seminar course on October 30th. Title and abstract is below – slides coming soon!

Title: Conversation 2.0: Twitter

Abstract: The advent of Web 2.0 changed the internet. It went from an information medium to a communication medium. Recent developments have made that communication increasingly real-time. Services like Facebook and Twitter have made it possible to passively monitor real-time updates on your friends, whilst Google’s recently released Wave service aims to reinvent email – and make it more real-time. These changes have had a very real effect on the way we interact – with each other, with brands, our political system, and with the press. The presentation will discuss what Twitter is and its effects. There will also be a demonstration of how we can graph users “conversation networks” and the conclusions we can draw from them.


6 Responses to "Seminar Presentation Abstract"

[…] the abstract for a presentation I’m giving October […]

[…] I’ve created my slides for my presentation (abstract) following a Presentation Zen (Amazon) approach. So there are basically no words on any of my […]

“what Twitter is and it’s effects”

Should be “its effects”.

“cangraph” -> “can graph”

I realize I’m nit-picking, but that’s what you asked for, right?

Yes especially for the thing it’s too late to fix 😉

[…] the abstract for a presentation I’m giving October […]

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