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Spammers etc.

Posted on: October 20, 2009

I got another irrelevant @ message. The content of this one was a link to … you knew where I was going with that. I don’t need to say it! Check out the graph for the originator – @BaileyWolfeaem:

@BaileyWolfeaem's Twitter Conversation Network

@BaileyWolfeaem's Twitter Conversation Network

Again, lots of one way links to “normal” Twitter uses (who have reciprocal conversations). the graph is huge (goes way off the screen) and quite sparsely connected.

Another spammer, this one better disguised, brought to my attention by @smiffy:

How amusing. I have just been followed by what looks like a ‘bot. The funny bit is that half of the ‘bot’s followers are ‘bots themselves.

So here is @tina_revers:

@tina_revers's Twitter Conversation Graph

@tina_revers's Twitter Conversation Graph

Again, the one way links and a fairly small graph. Obviously for this spammer what I really want to graph are who’s following who – I have a theory that there is a clique of bots all following one another and spewing out spam – but this is difficult because of the way the API works and the limitations on calls. I’m working on it, though!

Finally, below is the graph for @connectcreators – I don’t think they’re a spammer, in fact what they’re doing looks like a good initiative but I do think they need to “connect” more!

@connectcreators Twitter Conversation Network

@connectcreators Twitter Conversation Network


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