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Great Debate: Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?

Posted on: November 8, 2009

Sorry – I’m (very) atheist but mostly that remains off this blog. However earlier I saw an excellent debate featuring the awesome Christopher Hitchens and the wonderful Stephen Fry. It’s in 5 parts and it was annoying when the part finished at a climatic moment and I was trying to find the next one, so I thought I’d assemble it in one place before I linked to it.

I think this debate is worth watching, whichever side you’re on, as it is a focused question and they’re debating the same question. Often when atheist meets religious, they’re talking about different things. That is not the case here. They also polled the audience before and after, and there was a massive change in opinion.

Part 1: Archbishop and Christopher Hitchens

Part 2: Christopher Hitchens and Ann Widdecombe

Part 3: Ann Widdecombe and Stephen Fry

Part 4: Audience Questions

Part 5: Summary


2 Responses to "Great Debate: Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?"

Cate – thank you so much for posting these. Stephen Fry was extremely eloquent, as ever. I’m less enamoured with Hitchens as a speaker, he lacks the turn of phrase of Fry (ok, so does pretty much everyone). Sadly the other two presented weak arguments in support of the motion, although the points raised by their opponents were hard to defend against.

Yes – I loved Stephen Fry’s comment at the end about how the catholics keep complaining that ohh, you’re bringing up child abuse AGAIN, and you’re bringing up the aids-condoms thing, AGAIN. It’s important, and I hope people do keep calling them on it because the church does have a significant amount of people paying attention it and propagating dangerous nonsense w.r.t. condoms and concealing those who abuse is a terrible use and disrespect to that attention. They need to be held accountable, on the condoms-aids thing, I think, because people are dying as a result of it.

Hitchens was good I thought, not as eloquent as Stephen Fry but he came in guns blazing, and it was kinda awesome to watch the reaction!

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